Space Panel Data

  • Description

    This unique engineered timber building system delivers an exceptionally high level of thermal performance and air tightness. External walls are supplied in closed panel units in lengths of up to 4.8m, manufactured in a quality controlled environment and can be clad externally in a material of your choice. Panels are available in thicknesses of 207mm to 258mm, can be insulated with a variety of materials and are easily adaptable to almost any building type.

  • Performance

    Built around high performing engineered timber components that have been specifically selected for their low thermal transmittance. This system provides maximum separation between interior and exterior resulting in U-Values from 0.2 W/m2K to as low as 0.11W/m2K. Lapped, sealed and interlocking panel connections have been specifically detailed to reduce air leakage and thermal transmittance significantly reducing energy usage within your home.

  • Sustainability

    Supplied as standard with PEFC chain of Custody certification.

  • Air tightness

    1 m3/hour can be easily achieved.

  • U-Values

     Width   Conductivity   U value
      207mm   0.035 W/mK   0.18
      207mm   0.023 W/mK   0.14
      258mm   0.035 W/mK   0.15
      258mm   0.023 W/mK   0.11
      241mm   0.035 W/mK   0.15
      302mm   0.035 W/mK   0.12
      406mm   0.035 W/mK   0.1
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  • Downloads

  • Space Panel data sheet
  • Space stud data sheet
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