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Holly Garth

These clients approached Buildakit to build a turn key construction solution for two new build homes in the large garden of their existing property. The first property built to a high standard and designed to achieve a AA EPC rating was to be built speculatively and offered for sale. The Second property was constructed to Passivhaus standard and was to be the client’s own home. Due to the high levels of factory prefabrication each homes was erected in three days. Both properties were supplied with superior levels of insulation.

Technical Specifications

Plot 1 factory insulated wall panels achieved a U-value of 0.18W/m2K and prefabricated insulated roof system achieved a U-Value of 0.13W/m2K. Plot 2 factory insulated wall panels achieved a U-value of 0.11W/m2K and prefabricated insulated roof system achieved a U-Value of 0.11W/m2K. Both properties were fitted the latest state of the art energy saving technologies including solar panel array, MVHR system and plot 1 heating was provided by an air source heat pump.

If you’re doing an energy-efficient custom/self-build and you’re not undertaking the whole job yourself, then BuildaKit should definitely be on your short-list. We feel we are getting a quality job at a value-for-money price…

They are happy to engage with the project at a relatively early stage, once you have formal drawings and are well into/through the planning consent. process From this stage onwards, they will put a fair bit of effort in project prior to signing on the dotted line, and Bill is great at making constructive suggestions that will improve and refine your house design/build specification.

At present we are at the end of first fix/plastering stage and have found the build has gone generally to plan/budget. Little things could be improved – couldn’t they always be? – but the important thing is that the client/builder relationship is open and up-front, and we are confident that corners are not being cut. High standards are expected of sub-contractors, and BuildaKit staff work hard and display good teamwork.

Choices are explained and there is a joint approach to problem solving, rather than ‘leave it to us, we know best’. This enables the inevitable issues that arise during the build to be faced and resolved, with the proper level of information and in an effective way. We have found that this approach is vital in meeting client needs and keeping costs under control.

We wouldn’t have any qualms about using BuildaKit again.

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