Oldham Road

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Oldham Road

We featured in the first ever episode of BBC2’s “The house that 100k built”. This Developer has commissioned Buildakit for the 3rd time to construct these 2 properties. Formally the site was occupied and a building was demolished to make way for our shell package which included foundations & drainage, structural insulated panel system, external cladding and roofing plus windows and doors. Erected during January and built in an exposed location the two kits took 3 days to erect.

Technical Specifications

Prefabricated, factory insulated wall panels achieved a U-value of 0.18W/m2K and prefabricated insulated roof system achieved a U-Value of 0.13W/m2K.

Timescale wise it enables me to be inside the house putting in electrics while the exterior masonry goes up. It does save quite a lot of time.

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