Glulam Feature Trusses

At Buildakit we specialise in the design and manufacture of high quality, beautifully crafted, bespoke, feature Glulam roof trusses. Engineered and designed by our in-house design team and proudly made in Britain our trusses are not only visually dynamic but also provide the structural integrity to support the roof above. Used in open spaces, feature trusses create an impressive perspective to the architecture of the building.

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Structural and Sustainable

Our expert team craft high quality trusses using glulam produced in Scandinavian sawmills allowing for high quality precision manufacturing. Frames are left exposed showing architectural details, steel joining plates and galvanised through bolts. All joints are meticulously mortised, tenoned and assembled ready for easy site installation allowing for speedy construction. With increased demand for Off Site Manufacture and sustainable construction, Buildakit have extended our product and services to include Glulam trusses.


What advantages does glulam have? (glulam laminated timber – is a structurally engineered wood product)

Glulam has many advantages, among which is sustainability, flexibility, strength, weight and insulation capacity are foremost.